Ferens Education Trust

FET Student Programme -17 June 2024 deadline.


Funding projects

£500 to £5,000

Areas covered

  • Hull
  • East Riding of Yorkshire


The Ferens Education Trust is a registered charity with an annual investment income of approximately £38K available per year, to fund projects which meet the objects of the Trust Deed. Generally, projects are offered funding between £500 - £5,000 (although more or less can be applied for and offered). Projects can be “one-off” or multi-annual (which must be stated at application). All projects are considered on individual merit, although existing University or school staff costs will not be funded.

Fundable items

The following items can be funded by this programme:

  • Materials
  • Room/Venue Hire
  • Equipment
  • Training costs
  • Insurance
  • Running costs (linked to project)
  • Professional fees (linked to project)
  • Books
  • Consumables
  • Travel Expenses
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Volunteer support costs
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Staff Costs (linked to project)
  • Transport Provision
  • Educational Resources

Non-fundable items

The following items cannot be funded by this programme:

  • Running costs (general)
  • Staff Costs (general)
  • Professional fees (general)


This funding programme can be used for the following beneficiaries:

  • Children (6-11) Primary School Age
  • Children (11-16) Secondary School Age
  • Young Person
  • Young Person SEND (under 24)


This funding programme can be used for the following services:

  • Education / Training